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You can trust us to get rid of insects, birds, rodents and many other common pests such as: Ants, Bats, Bed Bugs, Cluster Flies, Earwigs, Fleas, Groundhogs, Mice, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks and Spiders...

With professional pest and animal control services, you'll never share your home with unwanted guests. Guardian Pest Management has been voted the #1 pest control company in the Durham area....

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No one wants to have a pest problem. These pests cause inconvenience, embarrassment and also can pose serious health risks to adults, children, and pets.. more


“I tried my best to erradicate these ants myself as I have always been uneasy with using pesticides. I called quite a few companies but felt completely comfortable with Guardian pest management. They used a combination of products to rid my home of the ants, it worked almost immediately! Thanks for the great work!!!”
Alex Williams, Pickering
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